A professional artist, and a graduate of LaGuardia HS and Columbia University with a degree in Art History and Archaeology. Art is my life calling and has been since I was a kid. Also yes, I have an insane female stalker and online harassment from the dregs of society (4chan, 8chan, etc.) looking to slander and cyber-bully me after I reached out to find help with a very dire family situation, and said individual felt rejected after becoming romantically interested. Classic stalking behavior.

I have ten years in the design / art industry and experience in product design, packaging design, advertising and marketing, visual design, brand management, and most recently, professional illustration (my personal favorite). Believe firmly in peace and love and understanding and the value of art in helping people explore and understand differences and cultures.

I have a reputation of being extremely reliable and honest with all my clients.

I was a well known moderator of a large anti-racist forum which, like most positions of prominence, attracted a large number of jealous bottom feeders, haters and sad people determined to slander, misattribute and undermine me on far-right, Neo-Nazi websites specifically designed for and known for harassing / bullying / slander - i.e., lolcow and 8kun / 8chan (both well known Nazi / stalking sites constructed explicitly to slander and intimidate). They did the usual online gangstalking stuff, such as doxxing, slandering my family, living and deceased, calling my family members and friends; etc. This was all spearheaded by a woman who had taken a romantic interest in me, and as we all know, hell hath no fury.

I'm pretty chill in real life.