A professional artist and designer who loves art pretty much more than anything in the world. Since I was a child I knew I was going to be an artist or writer and that if I was not going to be an artist, I would just be perpetually unhappy. I want to make art simply to make art, because the world desperately needs more beauty in the face of its ugliness and inequality and greed and hate.

I have ten years in the fashion industry and endless experience in product design, packaging design, advertising and marketing, visual design, brand management, and most recently, professional illustration (my personal favorite). Believe firmly in peace and love and understanding and the value of art in helping people explore and understand differences and cultures.

Please email me directly for the password to the galleries, as it cycles every two weeks.

Years ago I was a moderator of a very popular anti-fascist (antifa) web forum combatting racism, and due to my position and apparently being a pretty boy attracted a high number of alt-right, racist trolls that were devoted to extreme cyber bullying me on places like 8chan / 4chan. I have some legit insane stalkers and other social outcasts who exhibit late stage stalking behavior.